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Tai Chi In Southwest Florida!

Learn Tai Chi Ch’uan, say the Chinese, and you will become agile like a child, strong like a wood-cutter and calm like a wise man.

Tai Chi Keeps Harmony Between The Body, Soul And Spirit

This method has a healing effect on the nervous system as well as the respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems. Tai Chi helps promote a healthy metabolism and develops the motor skills.

And Much More...

The Art Of The Samurai

Learn the ancient warriors weapon system and build a bridge to modern self-defense applications. Gain and improve your confidence and self-defense skills. Study morals, discipline and ethics of the ancient warriors (Bushido).
Improve your focus by working on traditional Japanese and Okinawan weapons and self-defense forms.  Understand the principles of ancient Japanese martial arts education - the way of Budo. Practice classical weapons forms with your partner and learn to feel the rhythm of the motions.  Go with the flow and then learn to change and to control the rhythm to your favor.


This self-defense form trains the physical motor skills, teaches a way of philosophy and maintains the spirit of Bushido (the old Asian martial arts) to understand it and to put it into practice.
We are teaching the Shotokan Ryu Komatsu Ha Karate style. This is a special school based on Master Funakoshi's traditional Shotokan style combined with the insights of Master Fuchs' many years of martial arts studies in Karate, Kobudo and Tai Chi.  This style is taught by Master Hilmar Fuchs, 8th Dan Karate.

Holistic Medicine

In the past people practiced the Tao, the way of life. They understood the principle of balance, of Yin and Yang. Thus they formulated practices such as Dao-in, an exercise combining stretching, massaging and breathing to promote energy flow. They ate a balanced diet at regular times, arose and retired at regular hours, avoided overstressing their bodies and minds. They maintained well-being of body and mind, it is not surprising that they lived over one hundred years.
Yellow Emperor

The Magic Of Tai Chi

The White Crane form is one of the forms we are teaching in class.

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